Photo Gallery


Lindsay Booy launching victorious offense
Xeniya Kameneva & Marzena Zima-Skokun during training
Vadim Demendeev & Marzena Sima-Skokun share their professionalism with youth
Queens of fencing
Xeniya Kameneva (left) wins again!
Vadim Demendeev cooler than Justin Bieber
Aren't we from the same club?
Spectacular women fencing
Valuable advice delivered on time
Tamara Booy showing fearless face
Future Canadian Olympians fighting!
Xeniya Kameneva & Emily Martin always glamourously on a podium
Vadim Demendeev & his beautiful champions
2010 Western Open Epee Medalists
2009 Provincial Champions
Winnind medals feels great!
Vadim Demendeev at Calgary Centennial
Vadim Demendeev celebrates victory with his trainees

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