Benefits of Fencing


Fitness and Much More

Often called a physical game of chess, fencing develops endurance, improves eye-hand coordination, balanace and agility. It sharpens the reflexes and improves confidence. Fencing is a great challenging exercise for all ages but despite involving epee, foil, sabre or sword, it is still a safe fun even for the kids.


Kids improve their physical and mental development while adults get excellent body and mind exercise unrivalled even by regular outings to fitness clubs.


For those thinking about professional level, then fencing is a better opportunity to excel and to rise to the top of the pedestal because it is a single sport that does not require a lot of financial investment unlike for the example the hockey.


Besides, because of fencing being and old and noble sport, it is supported by many scholarships at a world's renowned universities worldwide and especially in Europe.


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