Fencing Equipment and Gear


Advice for Novice Fencers


For free drop-in, fencing Academy of Calgary provides all the equipment you need so you do not have to spend the money to get a taste of what the fencing is all about. However, if you decide to continue, you should buy the complete set of clothing and your own equipment.


The good news is that compared to certain other sports, fencing does not require tens of thousands of dollars investment. The bad news is that you would still have to shell out at least 500 CDN$ for the complete set of everything (clothing, mask, body and hand protection, special shoes, bag and your own weapons) but that equipment should last for many years of practice. Of course, it would not be as cheap as getting swimming trunks but at least it is a one-off expense.


Please contact us for free advice or come to one of our events. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right kind of equipment commensurate to your skill level so that you can even save some money! Or check out the Useful Links where you can find information on suppliers.

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